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18 Things Every Tall Person Dating A Short Person Will Totally Get

It's a lifetime of giving piggy backs and reaching things on the top shelf.

1. You can't share clothes unless you're keen on a very tight wardrobe.

2. Taking selfies together is a difficult skill to master, and someone always gets cut out. Usually you.

3. Sharing a doona can cause issues, and you always seem to end up with your feet sticking out the end.

4. But you do get to be the default big spoon, which is the best spoon to be because you just get to cuddle them.

5. If you share a car, you spend a lot of time moving the seat around.

6. When you want to wear heels, you'll just have to deal with being gigantic when you stand next to them.

7. Hugs usually just end up with them getting a face full of boob or chest.

8. Though resting your chin on their head while hugging is ~very cute~.

9. Holding hands is never comfortable for you both.

10. Kissing while standing up or putting your arm around their shoulder can often be hard.

11. And having sex standing up is a logistical nightmare, because your bits don't line up.

12. You never get to be the cute one, who daintily sits in their partner's lap.

13. But you do have the prestigious honour of being able to give many a piggy-back ride and pick-up cuddles.

14. It's very easy to hide things like presents and your junk food stash – just put them on the top shelf.

15. Though, short people usually are very resourceful.

16. You always have to moderate your walking speed so that your partner's little legs can keep up.

17. And if you want to have a bath together, be prepared to have cold legs.

18. Though there are struggles, you can't deny that their size makes them pretty cute and somehow even more loveable.