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Why tall men are the best

In case you doubt that tall men are best I will be more pleased to explain to you five reasons why I think this.

1. Tall men rise to greatness. Eighty percent of presidents are tall. For example: Barrack Obama, our president, the deputy president, Museveni, Paul Kagame and other presidents. Any short president on the list? That’s sufficient evidence that they all rise to command nations.

2. Tall men are confident. Am yet to meet a coward and sheepish tall man. Most of them are confident and know what they want. If they like a woman, they make her know about it. They don't beat about the bush, or hang around her without saying a word then end up fetching water on her wedding day like short men would. They don't splash money without making their intentions known. They are upfront about it. It's a confident trait that blends with tall men.

3. Tall is handsome. Even if a short man is handsome, he’s just unseen. A not so good looking tall man will be seen. Tall in itself is handsome. It's an accessory in itself. All leading actors in soap operas and movies are tall. In case they are short; the directors use all tricks to hide their shortness. It’s the power of tallness. It speaks for itself. Tall pulls crowds and commands people to remain interested.

4. Tall men boost a woman's confidence. Dating or marrying a tall man feels nice. A woman needs to wear heels all the time to reach at his chest. Hugging a tall man is like eating a full bar of chocolate alone. And looking up to him literally as he speaks makes a woman feel confident. Not to mention how complaining that you can't catch up with his long strides feels. Let me save you the repetition of how it feels to be with the opposite of tall men.

5. Tall men are better lovers. You can never go wrong with a tall man. They are sensitive, even tempered and have no esteem issues. They never lose their cool. Due to their strong personality, tall men treat women better. A large bulk of men who beat women, mediocre fathers and bad lovers are men with personality issues. Let's just celebrate tall men, greet them and show them respect all the time. If our bulbs are out of order and we don't have a high stool, we shall definitely call tall men to fix it