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SIZE MATTERS! This is how tall women like their men to be… and it’s not good news for short blokes

Things aren't looking up, so to speak, for vertically-challenged chaps - and this is the reason why

IF you’re vertically challenged and searching for love, things are not looking up… so to speak.

Studies show that around 80 per cent of women looking for a partner want to meet a special someone who’s at least six foot tall.

Women tend to feel more ‘secure’ with taller men

And towering chaps advertising their availability on dating websites have also reported far greater interest from female members than smaller singletons.

Research shows smaller men make less money than those who tower above them

Research also shows that women place even more importance on height when it comes to short-term sex partners and sperm donors.

A 2014 Yahoo! personal dating ads investigation revealed the likely cause behind women’s penchant for tall men was their primal urge to feel “delicate and secure”.

Tall men have reported far higher rates of success on dating sites than smaller singletons

The survey of the 925 ads found that nearly 50 per cent of women wanted to date men taller than them.

Michael Emerson, Professor of Sociology at the Rice University in Texas, said: “Evolutionary psychology theory argues that ‘similarity is overwhelmingly the rule in human mating.’

SIZE DOES MATTER British men are now 4 inches BIGGER* than 100 years ago... but sorry lads, that's just in height

“However, our study suggests that for physical features such as height, similarity is not the dominant rule, especially with females.”

Not only do tall men tend to have higher socio-economic status than their littler counterparts, they also earn more money.

It is estimated that, on average, 6ft men earn more than £100,000 across a 30-year career than 5ft 5in men.