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Perks of being a tall girl.

Well, being a tall girl is not as easy as you might think. All our jeans turn to Capri pants and finding tall boys, well that's a story we don't even want to get started with. And why does every one want us to fetch them things from the top shelf? Ever heard of a stool? Well problems aside, there are many perks of being a tall girl, as well and here they are.

1. Even if you put on a few extra kilos, it won't be visible immediately, thanks to your height.

2. Standing and watching rock concerts is not a problem at all because you can see it all. God help the ones standing behind you though!

3. Same goes for movie theatres.

4. You never ever have to share your shoes, because just like you, they are big as well. Yay!

5. You never have to hem your dresses, because you are tall and you can wear all those long outfits with such ease.

6. Everything you wear looks good. It's because of your height.

7. Your better half never had to bend down to kiss you.

8. You can always call dibs on those hot tall guys. You have a genuine reason, after all.

9. You don't need people to fetch things for you from the top shelf. Like never!

10. You are not obligated to wear high heels. No twisting your ankle, no lower back aches.

11. But those times, when you do wear heels, you look nothing short of a super model.

12. And when things are going bad and life seems a little haywire, you can always count your blessings that you are tall. And accept that tall is just so sexy.