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24 problems only tall girls will understand

With people staring and clothes not fitting, it’s not always an easy ride living in a world designed for smaller beings.

Here are 24 of the most annoying problems tall girls have:

1. People feeling the need to tell you you’re tall. Oh, thank you so much for that revelation

2. People asking how the weather is up there. Hahaha, never heard that one before…

3. A bathtub that you can lay your legs flat is only available in your dreams

4. You’re at people’s beck and call to grab high things off shelves.

5. The struggle of trying to wash your hair in a world built for tiny people

6. Jeans that get skinnier as they get longer. Not every tall girl is built to super model proportions

7. Incredibly awkward hugs

8. Never being able to find a maxi dress that touches the ground

9. Living in a constant war against door frames and never knowing when they’ll strike

10. Feeling unreasonable rage when you see a short girl with a tall guy

11. And being judged when you go out with someone shorter than you

12. But secretly wondering what it would be like to have to tiptoe to kiss a guy

13. Feeling extremely uncomfortable when you can see over toilet doors

14. Thinking you’ve found a really nice top when shopping then realising it’s a dress.

15. Not knowing what your outfit actually looks like, because you don’t fit in the mirror

16. Not being able to chat with your female friends in the club because you’re a head taller than everyone and the music’s too loud

17. Not being able to cross your legs under a desk

18. Feeling real hatred for anyone on planes that tries to recline in their seat

19. And hating long car trips where you didn’t call shotgun in time

20. Wanting to wear heels with a dress, but feeling like a giant when you do

21. And looking like a drag queen when combining heels with make-up

22. Trying to wear playsuits, but ending up with camel toe

23. Having to awkwardly pose to fit into pictures

24. People thinking you’ll be great at sports like running and netball and being disappointed when you’re rubbish

But actually being tall is pretty great, because despite all the problems, you’re basically on top of the world.

Your friends can always find you in a crowd, you always get the best view at a concert and you never need to rely on someone to get what you want off the top shelf