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To be an awkward tall girl

Another tall story that may resonate with are visitors?

The mean kids I towered over called me "bean pole" and "giant toothpick" during the grade school years. The boys graded my sister, now six-foot-tall, a "Z" for being an ugly tall girl in a slam book scale of "A-F".  Kids naturally want to be like everyone else.

I wanted to be petite and graceful. I thought that would mean I wouldn’t get in trouble in grade school. The teacher would yell, “J-U-L-I-A!!! Now, class.”

Not all tall girls are good at sports. I can’t play basketball or volleyball. This big foot can’t play soccer either.

I didn’t understand what “high-waters” meant or why class mates asked if I flooded. My pants were and are often a little short. I look for long shirts to spare everyone my mid-section.

Despite the name calling, I still loved the eighties and nineties since they made finding clothes that easier. Everything was tight rolled. It didn’t matter how short my acid washed jeans were. I also rock capri pants since the length is negotiable.

Although I’m a smidge taller than five foot ten inches, I’m short for my siblings. My Dad and relatives assured me I would be beautiful even if I wore a paper bag even when I clearly was not. My Grandma made me stand against a wall with a book on my head.

Loved ones encouraged me that I would grow into my height. They said that after I wiped out while walking on the beach for no reason. You can only imagine the trouble I was on roller blades.

Even though I was still awkward in high school and didn’t play sports like the cool kids, I wore short skirts and high heels with vintage white tights.

I did and do stand up straight. The older I got, I realized I’m a lot less clumsy when I’m not wearing four inch heels. My feet don’t hurt anymore from high heels.

I was and am fortunate to be healthy. Awkward girls come in all shapes and sizes. I would probably be an awkward petite girl, too.

I am still a klutz, but I own it. And, I'm proof tall girls do fall in love and get married.