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Shopping traumas

Does this letter strike a chord?

“As a tall teenager in the 70s, I got used to the fact that no clothes retailer catered to girls of six-feet one-inch and that I had to buy men's jeans and shoes. But gradually, High Street shops started selling outfits for us tall girls and my shopping experience became a much happier one. I could go into Dorothy Perkins, Evans or Long Tall Sally and choose clothes off the rail.
What joy!
Then a terrible turnabout happened: My nearest Evans and Long Tall Sally branches closed, and Dorothy Perkins stopped its in-store tall range.
I then discovered that Next did a tail range, and naively visited one of its large stores in the belief I might be able to buy some clothes for an upcoming wedding. How wrong I was.
Surrounded by standard-fit and petite ranges, I asked for the tall range and was told I had to order it. So I ordered a pair of size-nine shoes, some trousers and a dress, only to be told that I had to pay for them in advance.
If you're a standard fit or petite you can try on items off the rail, but we taller ladies have to pay for the privilege.
I then ordered some trousers online from Next, in size 18 XL (extra long) for delivery to the store. Off I went to collect them, and I tried them on while I was there - only to find they'd been incorrectly labelled and were actually petite.
I could have cried.
My husband said try somewhere else, but I explained that there is nowhere else.
Tall ladies can only buy online now.
I feel as if I've gone back to the 70s and have to buy men's clothes and shoes again. When my friends go on shopping sprees, I can never join in.” Marina Higgins