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tall clothes and large shoes

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Welcome to extratall  the best resource for tall people. We hope you will enjoy your visit to the largest online directory of tall clothes and clothing and big and large size shoes.

We often report on the difficulties tall people have finding fashionable tall clothes and the problems tall people have squeezing onto airline seats not designed for tall travellers, so it is nice to report on one person attempting to resolve some of the problems tall cyclists have when buying a new bike. It should be noted that these bikes are only available in the USA and they come at a cost!

‘For those of us who have outgrown normal human dimensions, life can be a comedic challenge. Pants become shorts. Doorways become an ever-present game of limbo. And bicycles never quite fit. Their wheels are too small for their frames, placing the tall rider too far to the rear. This arrangement doesn’t just look ridiculous, it also impacts comfort and can lead to instability. That’s what David Folch, a 6’6” frenchman residing in San Francisco was thinking when he set out to design a bike specifically built for the tall rider. We just rode one.’

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Dorothy Perkins

La Redoute